Resume for:    William J. Davis

Mailing Address:
6111B   Heron Avenue
Ewa Beach, HI  96706

USA Cell:(805) 801-8334



Professional Experience:

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii                         May 2019 - Present
Engineering Technician / Nuclear Engineering Instructor -  Classroom Instructor
•    Presents Nuclear Engineering courses to Test Engineers
•    Develops Engineering course lesson materials

Self Employed – Centennial, CO                    Jun 2017 – May 2019
•    Provides property management oversight for 47 units in Texas and California

Self Employed – Houston, TX                        Nov 2016 – Jun 2017
•    Drove for Uber, maintaining an very good 4.9 rating
•    Trained clients in Self-Defense based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques, in their homes or at a fitness facility.

Byzantium International Ltd.  SEZC - Cayman Islands    , Honduras    Jun 2013 – Jan 2016
Vice President / Operations Manager - Precious Metals Refinery Operation and Storage
•    Safely supervised and conducted pyrometallurgical and chemical processes implemented during precious metals refining, including smelting, aqua regia refining, and fire assay
•    Designed a gold smelting and testing facility in Tegucigalpa, Honduras including process, ventilation, and security equipment arrangement, as well as building configuration
•    Determined metal composition and value by use of laboratory equipment via X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analysis, density testing, and fire assay
•    Personally and frequently transported large quantities of precious metals between various countries in the Caribbean, North and Central America and Africa
•    Developed databases in Microsoft Access and Excel for process and storage records
•    Maintained access to vault and safes, and maintained access records
•    Developed process and security procedures
•    Trained employees and security in all facility processes, safety and security and self-defense

Cristal Clear Wireless – Nassau, Bahamas                Mar 2012 - Apr 2012
System Installation Manager - Internet Service Provider System Installation
•    Designed, tested and supervised the installation of an antenna network providing internet service to downtown Nassau
•    Selected antenna locations and negotiated leases with property owners
•    Drafted an internet café on a three dimensional computer program

Argentum Ltd. - Cayman Islands                    Sep 2011 - Jun 2013
Construction Coordinator / Plant Manager - Precious Metals Refinery and Storage Startup
•    Supervised construction and designed a precious metals refinery, and a class III walk-in bank vault, including selection, procurement, and shipping coordination of equipment.
•    Oversaw start-up phases of refinery operations including the development of policies and procedures, production logs, checklists, manuals and safety policies
•    Drafted detailed three-dimensional computer designs of refinery and tourist presentation areas for review by board of directors and consultants
•    Designed and developed high security monitoring and configuration
•    Supervised and conducted precious metal refining by electrolysis
•    Wrote business plans for presentation to executives and Investors
•    Trained employees in refining processes
•    Maintained all process, safety and financial records

Cashwiz- Turks and Caicos, Cayman, Jamaica, Bahamas        Apr 2010 - Sep 2011
Project Manager / IT Administrator - Small Business Chain Startup
•    Identified store locations and wrote lease contracts for the Cashwiz pawn shop chain, which rapidly grew to be in 10 island countries in the Caribbean.
•    Investigated legal requirements for operating a business in a foreign country
•    Designed buildings and facilities on a three dimensional computer program
•    Functioned as IT administrator for Cashwiz using Microsoft Exchange Server
•    Designed and developed the Cashwiz ecommerce website, as project manager
•    Installed and set up “Point of Sale” computer systems
•    Evaluated and priced real estate for purchase by Cashwiz
•    Drafted complex purchase and lending agreements, business flowcharts, operating, and HR procedures
•    Created complex Excel spreadsheets used for analysis and trending of multiple business processes and assets.
•    Interviewed and screened prospective employees for hire
•    Traveled as an Executive bodyguard
Self Employed - Pismo Beach, California                Jul 2004 - Oct 2008
Stock and Options Trader - Sophisticated Stock and Option Trading    Jun 2006 - Oct 2008
•    Traded stocks and options
•    Used predominately a covered call, and cash secured put strategy to exceed index performance by 10% - 20% annually
•    Executed hundreds of trades

Real Estate Investor - Added 17 Texas multi-unit properties to portfolio    Jul 2004 - Jun 2006
•    Identified, purchased, obtained financing for, and set up management of 17 multi-family properties, responsible for a total of 29 properties / 53 units.

Non-Profit Volunteer Work - Pismo Beach, California            Jun 2004 - Mar 2010
Instructor / Non-Profit Worker – Martial Arts Academy Instructor
•    Set up and taught a free school for scores of officers teaching Weaponless Defensive Tactics to multiple state and local law enforcement agencies
•    Taught for the local Law Enforcement Academy
•    Trained personnel combating human trafficking in Honduras
•    Instructed for the free Women’s Jiu-Jitsu Academy I founded in 2001, providing self-defense to hundreds of women
•    Developed many martial arts / grappling tournament champions
•    Taught surfing to disabled veterans with
•    Provided housing for troubled youth
•    Hosted foreign exchange students
•    Videographer for church service, selecting and operating three remote video cameras using TriCaster
PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant - Avila Beach, CA     Sep 1982 – Jul 2004 
Cause Analyst - Root Cause Analysis, Charting and Reporting        Aug 2002 – Jul 2004 
•    Performed root cause analysis by conducting interviews and investigation regarding plant equipment malfunctions, as well as managerial and personnel problems and personnel injuries
•    Charted timelines of events using Microsoft Visio
•    Submitted written reports of problem causes and recommendations to upper management for future problem avoidance
•    Chaired a committee of senior management tasked with prioritizing resolution of all reported plant issues
•    Received training in root cause analysis, and interviewing and interrogation

Quality Auditor - Auditing, 0bservation and Report Writing        Mar 2001 - Aug 2002
•    Performed assessments and participated in audits of Engineering, Operations, Emergency Planning and Training Departments
•    Wrote and submitted audit reports to management
•    Assisted in audits at other Nuclear Power Plants in the throughout the USA
•    Completed Quality Assurance Auditor training qualifications

Clearance Coordinator - Placing equipment in and out of service        Jan 2001 - June 2001 
•    Planned, coordinated, and prepared the documentation for the safe removal of plant equipment and components from service for maintenance, and similarly, restoration following work activities

Reactor Operator – Nuclear Control Room Operations            Apr 1988 - Dec 2000
•    Operated the Units 1 & 2 Reactor Plants from the Control Room in Power, Outage, and Emergency configurations
•    Performed reactor startups, shutdowns, and refueling
•    Responsible for taking prompt action to mitigate complex system response
•    Participated in drills involving county, state and federal agencies
•    Maintained plant logs and problem identification documentation
•    Enrolled in continual training every 5th week, involving frequent rigorous classroom and simulator examination, maintaining annual NRC License requalification
•    Maintained Category 1 Fire Brigade training and fitness qualifications
•    Designed Excel Spreadsheets in use for Operations Department schedules and equipment tests

Procedure Writer - Editing and Writing Admin, Operations and Emergency Procedures
•    Volunteered and served for several 6 month management rotations as an Operations Department Procedure Writer (10CFR 50.59 qualified)
•    Drafted a major Emergency Operating Procedure revision
•    Developed Revision 1 of new Abnormal Procedures
Quality Technical Specialist - QA/QC related activities             Apr 1998 - Jan 1999
•    Evaluated and Assessed Operations, Engineering, Training, and Emergency Planning activities
•    Conducted interdisciplinary Interviews about work processes to enhance interdepartmental efficiency
•    Organized and interpreted data for root cause investigation
•    Composed written reports including Assessments and Audits
•    Compiled findings of outside auditors into Assessment reports
•    Reviewed Nuclear industry news and reports, and distributed them to appropriate personnel (Operating Experience Assessment)
•    Designed timesaving Microsoft Word macros for Operating Experience Assessment data manipulation

Nuclear Operator - Machinery Operation and Monitoring            Sep 1982 - Apr 1988
•    Responsible for the Operation, Monitoring, and Testing of systems including - Turbines, Pumps, Diesel Generators, Hydraulics, Gasses, High Pressure Steam, Water Chemistry, Resin Regeneration, Radioactive Liquid and Gaseous Waste, Evaporators, Reverse Osmosis, Condensers, Oil, Hydrogen, Saltwater Systems, Electric Load Centers and Power Distribution Switchyards.
•    Performed New and Spent Nuclear Fuel Handling operations involving underwater remote control operation of cranes, trolleys, and specialized tools
•    Qualified and worked as a Radiation Worker, Fire Brigade Member, and Hazardous Materials Response Technician, and Crane Operator
•    Experienced working in confined spaces, hot particle zones, and foreign materials exclusion areas
•    Participated in the operation and testing of systems during transition from New Construction to Power Operation
•    Drafted and verified the first revision of several reactor plant and secondary plant piping diagrams
•    Determined Safety Boundaries and issued Tagging Documents during site construction

USS Omaha SSN 692 Submarine - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii        Sep 1978 - Apr 1982 
Reactor Operator / Electronics Technician -
Reactor Operation and Electronic Maintenance and Repair          
•    Operated and monitored diverse engine room equipment.
•    Qualified as Reactor Operator, Reactor Technician, and Auxiliary Electrical Operator
•    Performed electronic maintenance, testing and repair of reactor and steam plant instrumentation
•    Deployed in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans, spending months underwater
•    Attended submarine Damage Control school
•    Attended the Navy Leadership, Management, Education and Training course
•    Held “Secret” security clearance
•    Completed Submarine qualifications
•    Honorably discharged as an E-6

•    Residential Rental Real Estate acquisition and management since 1985 (currently 47 units)
•    Organized and coordinated Travel for large groups
•    Received Toastmaster’s Advanced Communicator Silver Award
•    Developed Websites for various organizations, and for a Professional fighter, and taught HTML
•    Holds Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu from Rigan Machado 
•    Helped develop and teach Self Defense courses at local Colleges
•    Former sparring partner for top UFC (Mixed Martial Arts) fighters
•    Certified SCUBA diver
•    Fully trained as a fireman, including fire truck ops, structure and wildland fire response
•    Personal info available at:

•    Maintained continuous training / NRC License qualifications – 1982 - 2000
•    Reactor Operator License class - 1988
•    Naval Nuclear Power School - 1978
•    Navy Electronics Technician School - 1977

I would be delighted to put you in contact with any of the following, for or with whom I have ever worked throughout my career:
•    Company Owners, CEOs, Managers and Supervisors
•    Non-Profit organization CEOs or Clergy
•    Nuclear Training Instructors
•    Professional Fighters